If you are not paying for it,
you are the product.


See a feed to photos, videos and text updates. Very familiar feel and interactions people are used to.


Posts can be categorized to further let people filter what they see. 

(ie someone can choose NOT to see “Political” posts.)


See all comments that people are making. (This is the engagement secret sauce we found works.)


These allow users to cater their experience, create safe places or make money with a paid group.

What to expect

No data collecting

No tracking

No spying

No listening

No watching your camera

No advertising

No artificial intelligence

No algorithms

No useless notifications

Yes Privacy, Filters and Safety

Yes Groups and Messaging


Be an Alpha Tester

The Problem

Each of the social networks above are in the business of selling information about you. If they are advertising to you then they are selling you. You are the product.

And the data they have on you is frightening. It’s not just what you post on these platforms that gets tracked, they track you when you’re not on their platforms as well. They know your income level, they know all of the things you search, they read your private messages, they listen to your conversations (literally). If you don’t believe me open your Facebook app, tap the three lines at the bottom right, scroll down to Settings then tap “Off Facebook Activity”.

Creeped out? You should be.

A Brief History

BeenUp2 first launched in 2006 when three friends took $100,000 in angel funding and set out to build “Twitter with photos”. Over the next several years they saw rapid growth but couldn’t keep up with the well funded platforms. So in 2012 BeenUp2 closed its doors.

But during those 5 or 6 years we built a community that has not been paralleled. It was a beautiful community with civil interactions where strong friendships were forged, people were supported by one another and wonderful things happened.

We want this community again, so we’re going to rebuild it.